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Most Current Cumulative Time Series Charts and Statistical Summaries
for NWQL LS 2001

The Time Series Charts
The charts provide OBSP recovery information for every analyte at different concentrations for every schedule OBSP assesses. The charts exhibit a Locally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (LOWESS) line. This line is used to help observe patterns and trends of the data over time. The time series charts also show bias and variability of the OSBP data. The most current time series charts in the table below will be overwritten periodically and will contain data that is currently being reviewed. All data is provisional and may change if the OBSP deems necessary.

There are two tables provided at the bottom of every time series chart that show statistical summaries.

Plotted Points Statistics Table
Description of the OBSP QA recoveries grouped by concentration level. The statistics in the table: mean, median, standard deviation and F-pseudosigma define bias and variability of the OBSP recoveries.

Sample Statistics Table
Counts (N) - The quantity of the variety of items.
Plotted - This number equals the total number in the above table.
Estimated Values - There are a number of reasons the laboratory will estimate (E) a result. If there are 100% of the results estimated the analyte is identified as a permanently estimated compound (analyte name in time series chart will be red).
Deleted Values - The laboratory may delete an entire sample or a single analyte for a number of reasons.
Spiked, Censored - A term for those samples that were spiked and correctly reported as less than a reporting level (possibly a raised reporting level) - the expected concentration was at a lower concentration than the censored result provided by the laboratory.
Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted this analyte to the NWQL.
False Negative - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as not present in the sample when it is there.
Not Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted a sample to the appropriate schedule, without this analyte.
False Positive - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as present when it is not in the sample.

The charts and data that you might secure from this U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) web page (identified as "OBSP") have not received official USGS approval and as such are provisional and subject to revision. The charts and data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.

Lab Schedule 2001 - Pesticides determinations by SPE and GCMS, Filtered
Choose an analyte below or click here for all analytes sorted by NWQL parameter code Parameter CAS#
2,6-Diethylaniline 82660GCM35 579-66-8
Acetochlor 49260GCM33 34256-82-1
Alachlor 46342GCM35 15972-60-8
alpha-HCH 34253GCM35 319-84-6
Atrazine 39632GCM35 1912-24-9
Azinphos-methyl (E) 82686GCM35 86-50-0
Benfluralin 82673GCM35 1861-40-1
Butylate 04028GCM35 2008-41-5
Carbaryl (E) 82680GCM35 63-25-2
Carbofuran (E) 82674GCM35 1563-66-2
Chlorpyrifos 38933GCM35 2921-88-2
Cyanazine 04041GCM35 21725-46-2
Dacthal 82682GCM35 1861-32-1
Deethylatrazine (Desethyl atrazine) (E) 04040GCM35 6190-65-4
Desulfinylfipronil 62170GCM31 not assigned
Desulfinlfipronil Amide (E) 62169GCM31 not assigned
Diazinon 39572GCM35 333-41-5
Dieldrin 39381GCM35 60-57-1
Disulfoton (E) 82677GCM35 298-04-4
EPTC 82668GCM35 759-94-4
Ethalfluralin 82663GCM35 55283-68-6
Ethoprophos 82672GCM35 13994-48-4
Fipronil (E) 62166GCM31 120068-37-3
Fipronil Sulfide 62167GCM31 120067-83-6
Fipronil Sulfone 62168GCM31 120068-36-2
Fonofos 04095GCM35 944-22-9
Lindane 39341GCM35 58-89-9
Linuron 82666GCM35 330-55-2
Malathion 39532GCM35 121-75-5
Metolachlor 39415GCM35 51218-45-2
Metribuzin 82630GCM35 21087-64-9
Molinate 82671GCM35 2212-67-1
Napropamide 82684GCM35 15299-99-7
p,p^-DDE 34653GCM35 72-55-9
Parathion 39542GCM35 56-38-2
Parathion-methyl 82667GCM35 298-00-0
Pebulate 82669GCM35 1114-71-2
Pendimethalin 82683GCM35 40487-42-1
Phorate 82664GCM35 298-02-2
Prometon 04037GCM35 1610-18-0
Propachlor 04024GCM35 1918-16-7
Propanil 82679GCM35 709-98-8
Propargite 82685GCM35 2312-35-8
Propyzamide (Pronamide) 82676GCM35 23950-58-5
Simazine 04035GCM35 122-34-9
Tebuthiuron 82670GCM35 34014-18-1
Terbacil (E) 82665GCM35 5902-51-2
Terbufos 82675GCM35 13071-79-9
Thiobencarb 82681GCM35 28249-77-6
Triallate 82678GCM35 2303-17-5
Trifluralin 82661GCM35 1582-09-8

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