Branch of Quality Systems


Most Current Cumulative Time Series Charts and Statistical Summaries
for NWQL LS 2437

The Time Series Charts
The charts provide OBSP recovery information for every analyte at different concentrations for every schedule OBSP assesses. The charts exhibit a Locally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (LOWESS) line. This line is used to help observe patterns and trends of the data over time. The time series charts also show bias and variability of the OSBP data. The most current time series charts in the table below will be overwritten periodically and will contain data that is currently being reviewed. All data is provisional and may change if the OBSP deems necessary.

There are two tables provided at the bottom of every time series chart that show statistical summaries.

Plotted Points Statistics Table
Description of the OBSP QA recoveries grouped by concentration level. The statistics in the table: mean, median, standard deviation and F-pseudosigma define bias and variability of the OBSP recoveries.

Sample Statistics Table
Counts (N) - The quantity of the variety of items.
Plotted - This number equals the total number in the above table.
Estimated Values - There are a number of reasons the laboratory will estimate (E) a result. If there are 100% of the results estimated the analyte is identified as a permanently estimated compound (analyte name in time series chart will be red).
Deleted Values - The laboratory may delete an entire sample or a single analyte for a number of reasons.
Spiked, Censored - A term for those samples that were spiked and correctly reported as less than a reporting level (possibly a raised reporting level) - the expected concentration was at a lower concentration than the censored result provided by the laboratory.
Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted this analyte to the NWQL.
False Negative - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as not present in the sample when it is there.
Not Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted a sample to the appropriate schedule, without this analyte.
False Positive - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as present when it is not in the sample.

The charts and data that you might secure from this U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) web page (identified as "OBSP") have not received official USGS approval and as such are provisional and subject to revision. The charts and data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.

Lab Schedule 2437 - LCMS/MS pesticides in filtered water
Choose an analyte below or click here for all analytes sorted by NWQL parameter code Parameter CAS#
1H-1,2,4-Triazole 68498LCM60 116421-29-5
2,4-D 68500LCM60 94-75-7
2-(1-Hydroxyethyl)-6-methylaniline 68611LCM60 196611-19-5
2-Amino-N-isopropylbenzamide 68503LCM60 30391-89-0
2-Aminobenzimidazole 68502LCM60 934-32-7
2-Chloro-4,6-diamino-s-triazine {CAAT} (Didealkylatrazine) 68547LCM60 3397-62-4
2-Chloro-N-(2-ethyl-6-methylphenyl)acetamide 68521LCM60 32428-71-0
2,3,3-Trichloro-2-propene-1-sulfonic acid (TCPSA) 68691LCM60 65600-62-6
2-Chloro-4-isopropylamino-6-amino-s-triazine (Deethylatrazine) (CIAT) 68552LCM60 6190-65-4
2-Chloro-6-ethylamino-4-amino-s-triazine {CEAT} 68550LCM60 1007-28-9
2-Hydroxy-4-isopropylamino-6-ethylamino-s-triazine {OIET} 68660LCM60 2163-68-0
2-Isopropyl-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinol 68505LCM60 2814-20-2
2-[(2-Ethyl-6-methylphenyl)amino]-1-propanol 68595LCM60 61520-53-4
n-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-N'-methylurea 68231LCM60 3567-62-2
3,4-Dichlorophenylurea 68226LCM60 2327-02-8
3-Phenoxybenzoic acid 68873LCM60 3739-38-6
4-(Hydroxymethyl)pendimethalin 68511LCM60 56750-76-6
4-Chlorobenzylmethyl sulfoxide 68514LCM60 934-73-6
4-Hydroxy molinate 68515LCM60 66747-12-4
4-Hydroxychlorothalonil 68336LCM60 28343-61-5
4-Hydroxyhexazinone A 68517LCM60 72576-13-7
Acephate 68519LCM60 30560-19-1
Acetochlor 68520LCM60 34256-82-1
Acetochlor oxanilic acid 68522LCM60 194992-44-4
Acetochlor sulfonic acid 68523LCM60 187022-11-3
Acetochlor sulfynilacetic acid 68524LCM60 618113-86-3
Alachlor 65064LCM60 15972-60-8
2-Chloro-2',6'-diethylacetanilide 68525LCM60 6967-29-9
Alachlor oxanilic acid 68526LCM60 171262-17-2
Alachlor sulfonic acid 68871LCM60 142363-53-9
Alachlor sulfynilacetic acid 68527LCM60 494847-39-1
Aldicarb 68528LCM60 116-06-3
Aldicarb sulfone 68529LCM60 1646-88-4
Aldicarb sulfoxide 68530LCM60 1646-87-3
Ametryn 68533LCM60 834-12-8
Asulam 68536LCM60 3337-71-1
Atrazine 65065LCM60 1912-24-9
Azinphos-methyl 65066LCM60 86-50-0
Azinphos-methyl oxon 68211LCM60 961-22-8
Azoxystrobin 66589LCM60 131860-33-8
Bentazone 68538LCM60 25057-89-0
Bifenthrin 65067LCM60 82657-04-3
Bromacil 68542LCM60 314-40-9
Bromoxynil 68543LCM60 1689-84-5
Butralin 68545LCM60 33629-47-9
Butylate 65068LCM60 2008-41-5
Carbaryl 65069LCM60 63-25-2
Carbendazim 68548LCM60 10605-21-7
Carbofuran 65070LCM60 1563-66-2
3-Hydroxycarbofuran 68508LCM60 16655-82-6
Carboxy molinate 68549LCM60 66747-13-5
Chlorimuron-ethyl 68872LCM60 90982-32-4
Chlorosulfonamide acid 68551LCM60 130-45-0
Chlorpyrifos 65072LCM60 2921-88-2
Chlorpyrifos oxon 68216LCM60 not assigned
Chlorsulfuron 61678LCM60 64902-72-3
cis-Permethrin 68769LCM60 61949-76-6
Cyanazine 66592LCM60 21725-46-2
Dacthal monoacid 68560LCM60 887-54-7
Dechlorofipronil 68561LCM60 not assigned
Dechlorometolachlor 68562LCM60 126605-22-9
Deiodo flubendiamide 68563LCM60 not assigned
Deisopropyl prometryn 68564LCM60 4147-57-3
Demethyl fluometuron 68591LCM60 3032-40-4
Demethyl hexazinone B 68566LCM60 56611-54-2
Demethyl norflurazon 68567LCM60 23576-24-1
Desamino metribuzin 68568LCM60 not assigned
Desulfinylfipronil 66607LCM60 not assigned
Desulfinylfipronil amide 68570LCM60 not assigned
Diazinon 65078LCM60 333-41-5
Diazinon oxon 68236LCM60 not assigned
Dicamba 68571LCM60 1918-00-9
Dichlorvos 68572LCM60 not assigned
Dicrotophos 68573LCM60 141-66-2
Didemethyl hexazinone F 68574LCM60 56611-54-2
Diflubenzuron 68576LCM60 35367-38-5
Diflufenzopyr 68577LCM60 109293-97-2
Diketonitrile-isoxaflutole 68578LCM60 143701-75-1
Dimethenamid 68580LCM60 87674-68-8
Dimethenamid oxanilic acid 68581LCM60 not assigned
Dimethenamid sulfonic acid 68582LCM60 205939-58-8
Dimethenamid SAA 68583LCM60 not assigned
Dimethoate 66596LCM60 60-51-5
Disulfoton 67595LCM60 298-04-4
Disulfoton oxon 68586LCM60 126-75-0
Disulfoton oxon sulfone 68588LCM60 2496-91-5
Disulfoton oxon sulfoxide 68587LCM60 2496-92-6
Disulfoton sulfone 68589LCM60 2497-06-5
Disulfoton sulfoxide 68590LCM60 2497-07-6
Diuron 66598LCM60 330-54-1
EPTC 65080LCM60 759-94-4
EPTC degradate R248722 68594LCM60 not assigned
Ethoprophos 68596LCM60 13194-48-4
Etoxazole 68598LCM60 153233-91-1
Famoxadone 67609LCM60 131807-57-3
Fenamiphos 68599LCM60 22224-92-6
Fenamiphos sulfone 68600LCM60 31972-44-8
Fenamiphos sulfoxide 68601LCM60 31972-43-7
Fenbutatin oxide 68602LCM60 13356-08-6
Fentin 68603LCM60 668-34-8
Fipronil 66604LCM60 120068-37-3
Fipronil amide 68604LCM60 not assigned
Fipronil sulfide 66610LCM60 120067-83-6
Fipronil sulfonate 68605LCM60 209248-72-6
Fipronil sulfone 66613LCM60 120068-36-2
Flubendiamide 68606LCM60 272451-65-7
Flumetsulam 61679LCM60 98967-40-9
Fluometuron 68608LCM60 2164-17-2
Fonofos 65084LCM60 944-22-9
Halosulfuron-methyl 61680LCM60 100784-20-1
Hexazinone 65085LCM60 51235-04-2
Hexazinone Transformation Product C 68612LCM60 72585-88-7
Hexazinone Transformation Product D 68613LCM60 30243-77-7
Hexazinone Transformation Product E 68614LCM60 72576-14-8
Hexazinone Transformation Product G 68713LCM60 not assigned
Hydroxyacetochlor 68615LCM60 60090-47-3
Hydroxyalachlor 68616LCM60 56681-55-1
Hydroxy monodemethyl fluometuron 68617LCM60 not assigned
Hydroxydiazinon 68618LCM60 29820-16-4
Hydroxy didemethyl fluometuron 68619LCM60 not assigned
Hydroxyfluometuron 68620LCM60 not assigned
Hydroxymetolachlor 68622LCM60 131068-72-9
Hydroxyphthalazinone 68623LCM60 not assigned
Hydroxysimazine 68624LCM60 2599-11-3
Hydroxytebuthurion 68621LCM60 59962-54-8
Imazamox 68625LCM60 114311-32-9
Imazaquin 61682LCM60 81335-37-7
Imazethapyr 61683LCM60 81335-77-5
Imidacloprid 68426LCM60 138261-41-3
Indoxacarb 68627LCM60 173584-44-6
Isoxaflutole 68632LCM60 141112-29-0
Isoxaflutole acid metabolite RPA 203328 68633LCM60 142994-06-7
Kresoxim-methyl 67670LCM60 143390-89-0
Lactofen 68638LCM60 77501-63-4
Linuron 68639LCM60 330-55-2
Malaoxon 68240LCM60 1634-78-2
Malathion 65087LCM60 121-75-5
MCPA 68641LCM60 94-74-6
Metalaxyl 68437LCM60 57837-19-1
Metconazole 66620LCM60 125116-23-6
Methamidophos 68644LCM60 10265-92-6
Methidathion 65088LCM60 950-37-8
Methomyl 68645LCM60 16752-77-5
Methomyl oxime 68646LCM60 13749-94-5
Methoxyfenozide 68647LCM60 161050-58-4
Methyl paraoxon 68648LCM60 950-35-6
Metolachlor 65090LCM60 51218-45-2
Metolachlor hydroxy morpholinone 68649LCM60 61520-54-5
Metolachlor oxanilic acid 68650LCM60 152019-73-3
Metolachlor sulfonic acid 68651LCM60 171118-09-5
Metribuzin 68652LCM60 21087-64-9
Metribuzin DK 68653LCM60 56507-37-0
Molinate 65091LCM60 2212-67-1
Myclobutanil 66632LCM60 88671-89-0
Naled 68654LCM60 300-76-5
Nicosulfuron 61685LCM60 111991-09-4
Norflurazon 67685LCM60 27314-13-2
Novaluron 68655LCM60 116714-46-6
O-Ethyl-O-methyl-S-propylphosphorothioate 68597LCM60 76960-87-7
O-Ethyl-S-methyl-S-propyl phosphorodithioate 68657LCM60 not assigned
O-Ethyl-S-propyl phosphorothioate 68658LCM60 31110-62-0
2-Hydroxy-6-ethylamino-4-amino-s-triazine 68656LCM60 7313-54-4
2-Hydroxy-4-isopropylamino-6-amino-s-triazine 68659LCM60 19988-24-0
Omethoate (Dimethoate oxon) 68661LCM60 1113-02-6
Orthosulfamuron 68662LCM60 213464-77-8
Oryzalin 68663LCM60 19044-88-3
Oxamyl 68664LCM60 23135-22-0
Oxamyl oxime 68665LCM60 30558-43-1
Oxyfluorfen 65093LCM60 42874-03-3
Paraoxon 68666LCM60 311-45-5
Pendimethalin 65098LCM60 40487-42-1
Phorate 68668LCM60 298-02-2
Phorate oxon 68669LCM60 2600-69-3
Phorate oxon sulfone 68670LCM60 2588-06-9
Phorate oxon sulfoxide 68671LCM60 2588-05-8
Phorate sulfone 68672LCM60 2588-04-7
Phorate sulfoxide 68673LCM60 2588-03-6
Phthalazinone 68675LCM60 not assigned
Piperonyl butoxide 65102LCM60 51-03-6
Profenofos 68676LCM60 41198-08-7
Prometon 67702LCM60 1610-18-0
Prometryn 65103LCM60 7287-19-6
Propanil 66641LCM60 709-98-8
Propargite 68677LCM60 2312-35-8
Propazine 68678LCM60 139-40-2
Propiconazole 66643LCM60 60207-90-1
Propoxur 68679LCM60 114-26-1
Propyzamide 67706LCM60 23950-58-5
Prosulfuron 61687LCM60 94125-34-5
Pymetrozine 68680LCM60 123312-89-0
Pyraclostrobin 66646LCM60 175013-18-0
Pyridaben 68682LCM60 96489-71-3
Pyriproxyfen 68683LCM60 95737-68-1
sec-Acetochlor oxanilic acid 68684LCM60 152019-74-4
sec-Alachlor oxanilic acid 68685LCM60 not assigned
Siduron 68686LCM60 1982-49-6
Simazine 65105LCM60 122-34-9
Sulfentrazone 68687LCM60 122836-35-5
Sulfometuron-methyl 68688LCM60 74222-97-2
Sulfosulfuron 68689LCM60 141776-32-1
Sulfosulfuron ethyl sulfone 68690LCM60 not assigned
Tebuconazole 66649LCM60 107534-96-3
Tebufenozide 68692LCM60 112410-23-8
Tebupirimphos 68693LCM60 96182-53-5
Tebupirimfos oxon 68694LCM60 not assigned
Tebuthiuron 68695LCM60 34014-18-1
Tebuthiuron TP 104 68575LCM60 not assigned
Tebuthiuron Transformation Product 106 68714LCM60 not assigned
Tebuthiuron TP el108 68696LCM60 39222-73-6
Tebuthiuron TP el109 68697LCM60 not assigned
Terbacil 68698LCM60 5902-51-2
Terbufos 68699LCM60 13071-79-9
Terbufos oxon 68700LCM60 56070-14-5
Terbufos oxon sulfone 68701LCM60 not assigned
Terbufos oxon sulfoxide 68702LCM60 56165-57-2
Terbufos sulfone 68703LCM60 56070-16-7
Terbufos sulfoxide 68704LCM60 10548-10-4
Terbuthylazine 66651LCM60 5915-41-3
Tetraconazole 66654LCM60 112281-77-3
Thiobencarb 65107LCM60 28249-77-6
trans-Permethrin 68708LCM60 61949-77-7
Triallate 68710LCM60 not assigned
Tribufos 68711LCM60 78-48-8
Triclopyr 68712LCM60 55335-06-3
Trifloxystrobin 66660LCM60 141517-21-7

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