The BLIND BLANK PROJECT (BBP) is designed to provide the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) a tool to evaluate their methods and rapidly identify method performance problems or contamination. It also aids in the determination of a Long Term Method Detection Level (LT-MDL) for many inorganic methods. The project submits double blind blank samples (identity of the sample as well as the concentration of the individual components within the sample is unknown to the analyst) to most of the inorganic analytical lines. Data are collected and analyzed to determine trends, biases, and variability. Results are expected to be within the control limits (equal to +/- LT-MDL). To see the Blind Blank scattergrams, click on the links below.

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Blind Blank Charts (FY13-FY15)

Analysis Lab Code Test ID Analyte Analysis Lab Code Test ID Analyte
Nutrients 2758 00666CL062 Alkaline Persulfate-Phosphorous, FCA Ion Chromatography 0651 00950IC003 Fluoride, Fil *Added 10/2013*
3116 00608SHC02 Ammonia, Kone 1571 00940IC022 Chloride, Fil *Added 10/2013*
1984 00625KJ009 Colorimetry, ASF, Microkjeldahl Digestion, P, Phosphorus as P, Unf, acidified *Added 02/2013*   1572 00945IC022 Sulfate, Fil *Added 10/2013*
1985 00623KJ002 Colorimetry, ASF, Microkjeldahl Digestion, N, Ammonia + Organic Nitrogen as N, FIL      
1986 00625KJ008 Colorimetry, ASF, Microkjeldahl Digestion, N, Ammonia + Organic Nitrogen as N, Unf, acidified *Added 02/2013* Arsenic Speciation 3142 62452PLM16 Arsenite [As(III)]
1983 00666KJ005 Colorimetry, ASF, Microkjeldahl Digestion, P, Phosphorus as P, FIL 3142 62453PLM16 Arsenate [As(V)]
2331 00666CL020 Low Level Total Phosphorus - Filtered 3142 62454PLM16 Monomethylarsenate
2333 00665CL021 Low Level Total Phosphorus - Unfiltered, Acidified 3142 62455PLM16 Dimethylarsenate
2332 00666CL019 Low Level Total Phosphorus - Filtered, acidified *Discontinued 11/2013*        
2188 00610CL017 Nitrogen, NH3-Unfiltered Physical Properties 27 70300ROE10 ROE. at 180 C  (TDS)
1991 00608CL036 Nitrogen NH3 - FCA *Discontinued 02/2013* 69 90095WHT03 Specific Conductance
1990 00631CL047 NITROGEN NO2+NO3-FCA *Discontinued 02/2013* 70 90410TT040 Acid Neutralizing Capacity (ANC), TOT LAB-CaCO3
3117 00613DZ001 Nitrite, Kone 165 00500ROE12 ROE at 105 Degrees C, Total
2754 62854CL063 Total Nitrogen, (NO2+NO3+NH3+Organic-N), Fil, Alkaline Persulfate Digestion 169 00530SLD04 ROE at 105 Degrees C, Suspended
2756 62855AKP01 Total Nitrogen, (NO2+NO3+NH3+Organic-N), Unf, Acidified, Alkaline Persulfate Digestion 2109 29801TT040 Alkalinity, Filtered
2757 00666CL063 Total Phosphorus, Filtered, Alkaline Persulfate Digestion 2187 63676TS098 Turbidity, NTRU
2759 00665AKP01 Total Phosphorus, Unfiltered, Acidified, Alkaline Persulfate Digestion      
3118 00671PHM01 Ortho-PO4, Kone ICP-OES Unfiltered 2352 01007PLA15 Barium
  3156 00631RED01 Nitrate plus Nitrite as N, Fil   2353 01012PLA15 Beryllium
  3157 00631RED01 Nitrate plus Nitrite as N, Fil, Low-level 2354 01022PLA15 Boron
        2355 01027PLA15 Cadmium
1202 71865CL033 Iodide, Colorimetry, ASF, Ceric-Arsenious 2356 00916PLA15 Calcium
3121 00955CL151 Silica, Water, automated discrete analysis (DA) 2357 01034PLA15 Chromium
        2391 01037PLA15 Cobalt
ICP-OES Filtered 641 01005PLA11 Barium 2358 01042PLA15 Copper
  655 01010PLA11 Beryllium 2359 01045PLA15 Iron
2110 01020PLA13 Boron 2361 01132PLA15 Lithium
673 01025PLA11 Cadmium 2362 00927PLA15 Magnesium
659 00915PLA11 Calcium 2363 01055PLA15 Manganese
722 01030PLA11 Chromium 2364 01062PLA15 Molybdenum
644 01035PLA11 Cobalt 2365 01067PLA15 Nickel
657 01040PLA11 Copper 2775 00937PLO01 Potassium
645 01046PLA11 Iron 2366 00956PLA15 Silica
664 01130PLA11 Lithium 2367 01077PLA15 Silver
663 00925PLA11 Magnesium 2368 00929PLA15 Sodium
648 01056PLA11 Manganese 2369 01082PLA15 Strontium
649 01060PLA11 Molybdenum 2370 01087PLA15 Vanadium
721 01065PLA11 Nickel 2371 01092PLA15 Zinc
2774 00935PLO02 Potassium LL      
2773 00935PLO03 Potassium ICP-MS 2372 01105PLM48 Aluminum
667 00955PLA11 Silica Unfiltered 2373 01097PLM48 Antimony
723 01075PLA11 Silver   3123 01002PLM11 Arsenic, Collision
675 00930PLA11 Sodium   2374 01007PLM47 Barium
652 01080PLA11 Strontium 2375 01012PLM47 Beryllium
653 01085PLA11 Vanadium 2501 01022PLM47 Boron
671 01090PLA11 Zinc 2376 01027PLM47 Cadmium
3127 01034PLM11 Chromium, Collision
ICP-MS 1784 01106PLM43 Aluminum 3125 01037PLM11 Cobalt, Collision
Filtered 1785 01095PLM43 Antimony 3129 01042PLM11 Copper, Collision
  3122 01000PLM10 Arsenic, Collision 2380 01051PLM48 Lead
  1786 01005PLM43 Barium 2381 01132PLM48 Lithium
1787 01010PLM43 Beryllium 2382 01055PLM48 Manganese
2504 01020PLM40 Boron 2383 01062PLM48 Molybdenum
1788 01025PLM43 Cadmium 3131 01067PLM11 Nickel, Collision
3126 01030PLM10 Chromium, Collision 3133 01147PLM11 Selenium, Collision
3124 01035PLM10 Cobalt, Collision 2386 01077PLM48 Silver
3128 01040PLM10 Copper, Collision 2387 01082PLM48 Strontium
1792 01049PLM43 Lead 2388 01059PLM48 Thallium
2505 01130PLM40 Lithium 3137 01154PLM11 Tungsten, Collision
1793 01056PLM43 Manganese 2389 28011PLM48 Uranium
1794 01060PLM43 Molybdenum 3135 01187PLM11 Vanadium, Collision
3130 01065PLM10 Nickel, Collision 3139 01092PLM11 Zinc, Collision
3132 01145PLM10 Selenium, Collision        
1796 01075PLM43 Silver Carbon 2606 00694COMB6 Total Particulate Carbon (TPC)
2507 01080PLM40 Strontium 2607 49570COMB7 Total Particulate Nitrogen (TPN)
2508 01057PLM40 Thallium 2608 0068800127 Particulate Inorganic Carbon (PIC)
3136 01155PLM10 Tungsten 2613 00681OX008 Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC),
1797 22703PLM43 Uranium 3211 00680COMB9 Carbon, Organic, TOT
3134 01085PLM10 Vanadium, Collision 2613 00681OX008 Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC),
3138 01090PLM10 Zinc, Collision 3211 00680COMB9 Carbon, Organic, TOT
Mercury 2707 71890CV014 Hg, Fil, CVAF      
2708 71900CV018 Hg, UnFil, CVAF Other 0096 38260SPEC2 MBAS, Total
2614 50624UV005 UV Absor Orgn 254nm
          2615 61726UV007 UV Absor Orgn 280nm
        1369 82303LSC01 Radon-222,Unfiltered


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